Sectionals and TMIS after school rehearsal

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Hello W.E. families,

I wanted to send this in a separate email, so much info! This week we will have sectionals like normal, even on Winter Concert Tour days! this is the last week of sectionals before Winter Break (we will not have them the last week of school).

Also, we have invited all of the Wind Ensemble band members to be a part of the TMIS after school rehearsal on Thursday this week. If your child is wanting to participate in this rehearsal they need to be in the TSMS Band hall directly after school this Thursday. A band director will meet them in the band hall and walk them over around 3:50 pm. The rehearsal will be done by 4:45 and students should be picked up at Trinity Meadows. There will not be Jazz Band rehearsal that day.

Thank you
TSMS Band Staff

TMIS Week 17

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Hello Mustang Band Families,

OUR BAND SHIRTS ARE IN!!!! Students will be receiving their band shirts on either Monday or Tuesday this week.

This week is our first full band rehearsal. This rehearsal is Thursday after school from 3:15-4:45. Students will wear their new band shirts and bring their wire music stand from home for this rehearsal (please make sure their name is on it). At 4:00 the TSMS Wind Ensemble will be joining our rehearsal! Tuba students need to bring their at home tubas!

The Winter Concert is December 17, students arrive at 5:30 pm to Timber Creek HS concert starts at 6:00 pm. They will wear the TMIS Band shirt and Jeans. Students will also need to bring their instrument from home to this concert as well as band binders!

We have not had a smart music pass off in a while because we wanted to make sure students are working on the Winter Concert music at home. We will start Smart Music pass offs back up after winter break.

Thank you
Dean Surface

Week 17

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Hello W.E. Families,

This week we have our Winter Concert tours. The link to the full details is listed below, but here is a snapshot of info for you. Students need to bring their Wire Stands both days and Monday they will eat lunch at school like normal. Tuesday we will wear TSMS Band shirts and will be off campus the entire day. Students will need $10.00 for lunch that day.

December 10

TSMS Shirts or Hoodie

School name

9:00 – 9:45 – confirmed

Independence –

Jena A. – Spokesperson

Luke L. – T-Rex

Hannah L – Frosty

10:30 – 11:30

Back on Campus for class and lunch

1:00 – report to Band Hall

2:10 – 2:45 – confirmed

Caprock Elementary – Melissa G. – Spokesperson

Linh D. – T-rex

Rose S. – Frosty

December 11

Band Shirt

School Name

9:00 – 9:45 – confirmed

Freedom –

Donovan E. – Spokesperson

Addy S. – T-rex

Bryson K. – Frosty

10:30 – 11:30

Trinity Meadows – Then Lunch

2:00 – 2:45 – confirmed

Ridgeview –

Alyssa R. – Spokesperson

Justin B. – T-rex
Randy F. – Frosty

Winter Concert Tour CLICK HERE

Our actual winter concert is Monday December 17, we are excited to play some winter music for you and a preview of some of our MFA tunes! We are approaching the end of the six weeks please get your smart music pass offs finished this week!

Thank you
Dean Surface

Frosty and T-Rex Sign up!

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If you want to dress up sign up here!

Mr. Surface

TSMS Band Week 16

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Hello W.E. Families,

The region clinics are going GREAT and I hope your kids are having a very positive experience this weekend! Sectionals are as normal this week and we have rehearsal after school on Friday this week at TSMS 4:00 – 6:00.

We will not have our dresses and tux items for the winter concert so students need to plan on NOT wearing tuxes and just dress in professional dress.

Make sure to get your smart music pass offs turned in!!!

Please look ahead to what is approaching on our calendar this month!
Winter Concert Tour – December 10 and 11 Schedule Here
Sixth Grade Rehearsal – December 13 Schedule Here
Winter Concert – December 17 Schedule Here

Thank you,
Dean Surface

TSMS Band Week 15

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Hope this email finds you at the end of a GREAT Thanksgiving week!!  As a reminder this week we should have all paid at least 50% of our overall money for the Music For All trip in March.  This week we will also have students entering their first rooming requests.  We will do this during class this week.
We do have sectionals all week as normal (CLICK HERE FOR SCHEDULE)
This week is also the Region Clinic and Concert!  Please keep reading if your child made the band.  If they are alternates this info is good to know just in case! Below is the schedule for both Friday and Saturday:
Friday December 1 (bus to and from rehearsal)

  • 11:45 am busses leave TSMS (students will eat before we leave)
  • 12:45ish pm busses arrive at Weatherford HS
  • 6:30 pm busses depart Weatherford HS
  • 7:30ish pm busses arrive at TMS
  • 7:45ish pm busses arrive at TSMS
Saturday December 2 (bus to rehearsal parent pick up after concert)

  • 7:45 am busses leave TSMS (Students will need to wear all black dress pants, black socks, black shoes, black shirt. If they still have their tux shirts, bow ties, and cummerbunds from last year they can wear that too.)
  • 9:00 am arrive at Weathreford HS
  • Students are being feed for lunch and then changing for performances
  • 2:00 pm Symphonic Winds Performance
  • 2:30 pm Wind Symphony Performance
  • 3:00 pm Honors Band Performance
  • Families provide travel home for students after concert.
Thank you
Dean Surface

TMIS Band Week 15

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Hello Mustang Band Families,

I hope this email find you all at the end of an Amazing Thanksgiving Break!
I hope you heard lots of playing and practicing over the break. Students should be working on Beethoven’s Ninth symphony, Jingle Bells, and Jolly old Saint Nick.  Our winter concert is December 17 and the rehearsal is the week prior.  Details are found at the top of the students winter concert music packet as well as our calendar and handbook!
Our band shirts should be in within the next few weeks.  This is our uniform for all performances in the mustang band along with blue jeans.
If your child is not currently in lessons please consider signing them up!  We are working to get a new trombone teacher to help get all students in lessons.  As soon as I have one lined up I will email you all his/her info!  Please click here to sign up!
Thank you
Dean Surface

TSMS Band Week 14

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Hello W.E. Families,

Monday we have our veterans day assembly at TMIS please be there at 7:00 am with band shirt ready to play, here is the itinerary for the day: CLICK HERE

Also, Friday is an extra rehearsal we NEED everyone to be there at TCHS ready to go by 5:00 sharp!!!

CONGRATULATIONS to EVERYONE on a great region audition this year! I am proud of all the TSMS students on their hard work and musical growth through the region band process! Reminder 7th graders you still have one more chance to compete this Tuesday at Fossil Hill MS. Mrs. Machado gave you all the info needed for that last week.

I am emailing you all from Indianapolis Indiana! I went to the Bands of America Grand National Marching Band Finals (it was amazing) as well as my walk through tour for our trip in March. I cannot wait to share with you all about the GREAT things we are going to get to do this March. We do have meeting coming up with our MFA rep, please stay tuned for that date!

Please do note the biggest thing I learned is that all persons involved (students, teachers, and parents) must adhere to a strict dress code of professional dress the entire trip! I will give specifics later, but no jeans, shorts or tennis shoes are allowed! This is a very formal event!!! Please start getting your clothes together now!

Thank you,
Dean Surface

TMIS Band Week 14

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Hello Mustang Band,

I am emailing you all from Indianapolis Indiana! I went to the Bands of America Grand National Marching Band Finals (it was amazing) as well as my walk through tour for the Trinity Springs Middle School band on their upcoming trip and performance at the National Music for All Festival in March! I am excited to get back and get to work with your amazing kids on our WINTER CONCERT MUSIC!

We do have a pass off this week in Smart Music it is line 23 in the book. I hope you are enjoying all the notes and songs we can play now! Over Thanksgiving break we will be sending home a challenge sheet to keep everyone playing, it is very important that the students play everyday over the break if possible!

Thank you
Dean Surface

Region Auditions info reminders

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Hello Everyone,

If your child is going to Aledo tomorrow please read on, if not delete! Please send students with lunch money!!

Link to previous info:

Link to bus list:

The bus will be LEAVING TSMS at 7:00 am! Students that participated in Thursday night phase 1 and made phase 2 should be done around lunch time and you can plan on picking them up around 12:00 pm or so. Students that are phased on Saturday will be a little different. They will find out if they advance around lunch. If they are advancing they will need to stay until around 3:00 pm or so. If they are not advancing then you can come pick them up in Aledo after they find out.

So proud of all of the student’s hard work and performances!

Thank you
TSMS Band Staff