Wind Ensemble Zoom Meeting Tomorrow at 5:00 pm

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Hello W.E. Families,

Tomorrow I have scheduled a Zoom meeting for us at 5:00 pm! You should have just received an email with directions on updating your emails in charms, making sure you are in google classroom, and getting on Zoom. Please read through the following document on the expectations of Zoom meetings: CLICK HERE . Just in case here are the directions for Zoom:


Zoom is a video conferencing software that all Keller ISD students can access, either on your computer (best option) or on the Zoom app on your phone (a little harder to work with). Your band director will schedule a time for your class to meet and will send out a link to join. In addition to these regular band times, we will offer elective times to join any of the three directors for an elective class not pertaining to a regular band day.

● On computer – Click the link – it will download the Zoom program to your computer and take you to the video conference. Make sure you try this out a few minutes early so the program can download. It doesn’t take long.

● On the app – Download the app first, then click the link. It will take you directly to the video conference.

We’ve been using this software all week to meet with other staff, and it’s pretty cool! You can see and interact with each other. With large groups, please stay MUTED until your band director opens up the floor for questions, dialogue, or performance opportunities.

See you soon!
Mr. Surface

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