Band Placements for next year posted today!

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Hello TSMS Band Families,

Today we posted the results for next years band placement, they are also attached to this email. We have described each band before, but wanted to remind you about them. Also, we want to make sure that everyone understands that the bands all work on the same fundamentals, concerts, and contests. The difference is the range, scope, and intensity of the fundamentals, concerts, and contests. Band is not a “cut” activity and we have a place for everyone. Hard work and enjoyment of performance are key to success in music and life, we hope to instill that in every band student.

Concert Band is directed by Mrs. Machado. It is a group of mostly 7th graders and some 8th graders. This band works on instrument fundamentals, basic musical concepts, scales, solos, and really fun music!

Symphonic Band is directed by Mr. Trewitt. It is a group of mostly 7th and some 8th graders. This band works on instrument fundamentals, basic musical concepts, scales, arpeggios, solos, musicianship skills, and really fun music!

Wind Ensemble is directed by Mr. Surface. It is a group of mostly 8th graders and a few 7th graders. This band works on instrument fundamentals, basic and advanced musical concepts, scales, arpeggios, musicianship skills, District and Region music, solos, ensembles, and really fun music! Wind ensemble should be viewed as a Pre-AP or advanced band class.

If your child made the Wind Ensemble we have our first required meeting of the 2019-2020 school year Wednesday May 22 at 5:00 pm in the TSMS band hall. We will be discussing expectations for this summer and next year! It is going to be an amazing school year next year and I can’t wait to share it with you all!

Please talk with your child about this tomorrow. We ask that you do not email or call us with questions until after next week. Whether they are happy or upset about their placement, please explain to them the importance of hard work. Review the year with them and ask these questions:

  • Did you practice on a consistent basis?
  • Did you take every opportunity afforded you in band this year?
  • Did you ask for and come in for extra help on things you did not understand?
  • Did you complete pass offs/practice records last year?
  • Did you always pass your classes, including band?
  • Did you contribute in a positive way to your band class?


Thank you,
Dean Surface

Week 37

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Hello W.E. Families,

This is the last weekly email! Tuxes and Dresses need to be turned in Monday! This week, while our last, is still very busy! During class we will start checking out school owned instruments, students will need to bring $100.00 to take instruments home. This will cover the usage fee for this year and next! Please make checks payable to TSMS. We will also be announcing TSMS band placements for the 2019-2020 school year on Monday.

Monday – Awards ceremony at TSMS, we will meet at 5:00 in the large gym. Please wear "professional" dress. Our first performance is at 5:30 and then any 7th grader receiving an award will go sit with their parents, 8th graders will report back to the band hall and wait for the 8th grade ceremony at 7:00. 7:00 we will perform for the 8th grade ceremony, we should be done about 7:15. 7th graders and any 8th students not getting an award should go home. 8th graders receiving an award will go sit with their parents.

Tuesday – SIX FLAGS (if you signed up) 8th grade students who are participating in high school band next year have a rehearsal at TCHS at 4:30. These students will leave the park at 3:00pm and be bussed straight to the high school! Instruments and anything else needed for this rehearsal can stay on the bus while we are inside the park. Parents, please plan to pick up your students at TCHS at 7:00 pm.

All other students (all 7th graders, any 8th graders NOT participating in HS band) will leave the park at 4:00 and must be picked up at TSMS at 5:00pm. Please have a ride waiting for you!

Wednesday – 5:00 pm Wind Ensemble parent meeting. Students that make the 2019-2020 wind ensemble will have a brief meeting to go over expectations and dates.

It has been a truly AMAZING year! Thank you to everyone for your support and encouragement!

Go Band!
Dean Surface

Solo Contest Info – May 11

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Good afternoon TSMS/TMIS band families,

This email may seem like a lot of information. Please read carefully!

On Saturday, May 11, all TSMS and TMIS band members will participate in our KISD Solo Contest. The contest will take place at Indian Springs Middle School. Students have individual performance times, and should arrive 20 minutes prior to their scheduled time to find their room and warm up. Students will need to dress professionally for this event. The fee for solo contest is $5 for TMIS and $10 for TSMS. TSMS students who are paying $36 for a piano accompanist will not be required to pay an additional solo contest fee. All solo contest fees are due by Monday, May 6. Only cash is accepted for the solo contest fees.

The schedule for solo contest is located HERE. Please check to make sure a.) your child’s name is on one of the sheets and b.) your child’s solo information is correct. More information will be sent later about specific rooms/locations within Indian Springs.

Please note that this schedule is divided into seven different pages based on what room your child is performing in, and you can toggle between pages at the bottom. Search the pages using Control + F to find your child. The pages are organized as follows:

Room 1 (TSMS piano accompaniment room)

Room 2 (TSMS and some TMIS piano accompaniment room)

Room 3 (TSMS piano accompaniment room)

Room 4 (TSMS and some TMIS Smart Music)

Room 5 (TMIS Woodwinds)

Room 6 (TMIS Brass)

Room 7 (All Percussion – percussionists perform in pairs)

If your child is enrolled in private lessons, they will be performing with a piano accompanist (except 6th grade French horn). Rehearsals with the pianists begin tomorrow, April 24, and continue for the next several weeks. The rehearsal schedule can be found HERE. Please note that some rehearsal times are prior to the start of school. Please check carefully to make sure your child’s name and solo information are correct. The schedule is divided into six pages, one for each rehearsal day an accompanist is on our campus. Students are in charge of making sure they are present for their rehearsal time.

If your child is using a piano accompanist, they are required to pay the $36 fee. Please note that 6th graders do not need to pay this fee. This fee must be paid online to Trekorda (the company we are using for the accompanists). Instructions for online payment are attached. If paying with Venmo, when prompted, enter Jesse Fry as the recipient of the payment. The fee covers the two in-class rehearsals and the performance. Only online payment is accepted. All payments to the pianist are due Monday, May 6.

If there are any questions, please let me know.

Thank you,

Dean Surface

TSMS Band Week 34

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Hello W.E. Families,

Thank you everyone for helping the Trinity Bands have a successful week last week! All three TSMS bands received 1st divisions on their performances, and Wind Ensemble received a runner up to best in class trophy!

This week we will need to rehearse everyday during advisory, except for Friday, please plan accordingly. Our concert is May 6th and our final festival performance is May 10.

Tomorrow night is the Jazz Cafe at TCHS. We will have sectionals as normal this week, but will not have band council on Monday or percussion on Friday.

Thank you
Dean Surface

Six Flags and Band Banquet

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Hello TSMS families,

Here are the forms for both Band Banquet and Six Flags. Please read through the information at the top of each form.

All money and forms are due Monday, April 22nd.

Band Banquet – CLICK HERE

Six Flags – CLICK HERE

Thank you,
TSMS Band Staff

Week 32

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Hello W.E. Families,

A busy week for the Trinity Bands! If you have not seen your piano rehearsal time please click the following link and find your time CLICK HERE, those start Monday April 24.

Sectionals are normal this week except no saxophone sectionals on Tuesday. Here are the things happening this week:

Monday – Advisory percussion and Mr. Trewitt go to TMIS for Bonfire everyone else has assembly in Gym
Tuesday – Band Council helps with 5th grade Instrument round up at TMIS after school until 8:00 pm
Thursday – Advisory and Class Titan tours at TSMS for TMIS band performs, Band Council night 2 of 5th grade instrument round up
Friday – No School!

Please check our calendar for all the upcoming dates and events as we speed toward the end of the year!

Thank you
Dean Surface

TSMS Band Week 31

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Hello W.E. Families,

Very proud of all the TSMS Bands on receiving superior ratings at UIL this past week! We still have two more festivals to perform at! April 27 – Haltom HS and May 10 – Central HS.

This week we are having sectionals, band council, and jazz band as normal! This is the start of the 6th 6 weeks!

Please check our calendar for all the upcoming dates and events as we speed toward the end of the year!

Thank you
Dean Surface

Week 29

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Hello W.E. Families,

This is the last week without sectionals, we will resume starting next week!

We are now entering contest season! Make sure you have all our dates and times on your calendar. We sent home this contest season sheet that breaks it all down for you!

HS auditions are this week and kids will sign up for times on Monday. Details about auditions were sent home last week, sorry I don’t have a digital copy of that.

If students have not signed up for solo contest yet they need to! Please submit that form here.

Pre-UIL went really well and UIL is going to be GREAT, everyone needs to keep playing a lot everyday to keep faces in shape and performances in top form!

Thank you
Dean Surface

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TSMS Week 27

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Hello W.E. Families,

BUSY week ahead!!! Super excited for all of the performances; the students get to show off all their hard work! Please join our special Facebook group for the Indy trip here (TSMS BAND Music for All 2019). The Facebook page is closed and only for this trip. Pictures and travel info will be posted in real time on this page as well as through our Wind Ensemble Remind 101 (text @20182019ts to 81010 to join).

Latest trip itinerary for the Indy trip is attached to this email.

Tuesday, recording/video/photo session – Students wear concert black and bring change of clothes. 7:00 am start time at Timber Creek HS enter through band hall and report to the stage. We will be recording audio and video so we need to look SHARP! After recording session is finished we will get our photos taken at THCS. After photo shoot we will change clothes hang concert black up nicely and be bussed to TSMS in time for third period.

Thursday, preview concert at Haltom HS – Students wear concert black and bring all needed equipment for performance. Report time is 6:15 for a 7:00 start time. Concert will be similar to last Thursday’s send off concert, but there will be a lot more people. After we finish I would like students to sit together in the audience to listen to Central HS percussion and Wind Ensemble concerts. They are being an audience for us and we should return the favor!

Friday, pep rally send off performance at TSMS – Students need to bring concert black to school. Agenda is linked above. We will be doing a full run for the campus, should be really cool! Parents are welcome to attend.

Monday March 11 and Tuesday March 12 Rehearsals/chaperone meeting – We will be rehearsing at TCHS these days 5:00 – 7:00. After the Tuesday rehearsal at 7:00 we will be meeting with Chaperones and any parent that would like a final rundown at TCHS.

Wednesday March 13 – 2:00 pm rehearsal at TSMS. Students will need to bring all luggage, concert black in hanging bag, instrument, and music to school. We also need parent volunteers to help check and load bags. 4:00 we depart TSMS for Indy!!!

Thank you
Dean Surface

Trinity Springs Middle School to Indianapolis 2.27.18.pdf

TSMS Band Week 25

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Hello W.E. Families,

Hope you all are enjoying your long weekends! Reminder that we have rehearsal tomorrow night at Timber Creek HS 5:00 – 7:00, use the band hall doors to enter. Be on time, that means ready to play by 4:55!

Friday rehearsal is at Keller HS. Make sure to give yourself time to be there before 5:00, you will enter through the Auditorium doors in the front of KHS. We will be in the band hall, bring cases in.

Join us at Chick Fil A on Tuesday Feb. 19 DETAILS

Life is about to be even busier! Make sure all upcoming dates are on your calendar. Some locations have changed and times determined. Look below:

February 18 – (no school that day) 5:00 – 7:00 rehearsal session at TSMS
February 22 – TSMS 5:00 – 7:00 at Keller High school
February 28 – SEND OFF CONCERT! at TCHS 6:00 call time 7:00 start time (hopefully concert black)
March 5 – Recording Session and Video Session TCHS 7:00 am – 10:00 am (hopefully concert black)
March 7 – School send off concert
March 7 – Preview Concert Haltom HS (times TBD)
March 11 & 12 – MFA rehearsal 5:00 – 7:00 at TSMS
March 13 through 16 – Music For All trip of a lifetime!

If you can help organize our tuxes this week please email me ASAP. It is easy to setup and should only take one day!

Thank you
Dean Surface