9.1 Tuba

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Daniel Larsen


Daniel Larsen is a private tuba instructor who recently moved to the Dallas/Fort Worth area. He currently teaches trombone, euphonium, and tuba lessons at several schools in Keller ISD and Northwest ISD. In addition to the excellence and understanding of All-Region audition etudes and solo works,  his studio lessons focus upon each student’s musical growth and knowledge of brass literature.

Mr. Larsen graduated from California State University Fresno with a Tuba Performance Degree.  He has had an extensive low brass background performing in many settings, including band, orchestra, brass quintet, drum and bugle corps, and solo literature. More recently, he has become increasingly active as a music arranger, writing music for brass quintet and other unique brass ensembles.

Throughout his musical career, Mr. Larsen has performed with many groups both nationally and internationally. He holds an extensive performance career in venues throughout California, and has had opportunities performing in a large number of other states as well. For many years, he was a regular recording artist for Gary P. Gilroy Publications. In 2015, Mr. Larsen went on an international tour to Taiwan, performing the music of Rimsy Korsakov’s Scheherazade.

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